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Energy saving with our KVAR Unit

You can save up to 30% on your power bill with our KVAR energy saving device, the Unit also acts as a surge protector.

What is the Kvar Unit and how does it work?

This unit is an electrical power conditioning system made in the USA. It uses state of the art Power Capacitors to correct your power factor.

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What is Power Factor?

The power factor is the differences in the amount of electricity your home or business needs versus what it is getting.

Your home or business has a multitude of motors (washing machine, dryer, AC, heat, dishwasher, ceiling fans, pool pumps, refrigerator, ect..) These motors have large inrush currents(amp draw). The power that is coming into your home is limited in how fast it can react to this draw, occasionally you will see lights blink. This is caused by the appliance drawing amps. But the power company can’t supply this as fast as it is needed. This then causes the voltage to drop through out the home or business as the appliance starts up. The more appliances trying to start up the worse the condition gets. As the appliences start up there is a big demand and your power meter spins FAST. It also takes a few seconds to spin back down. Thus YOU PAY FOR THIS SPIN UP BY HIGH ELECTRIC BILLS.

Cure this with our KVAR Unit!

Power Capacitors don’t use energy. They store it and release it as needed. The power capacitors lower the amp draw of almost all motors and makes them up to 35% more efficient. By using power capacitors, this limits the spikes and drops in your electric system, this makes it a very good whole house surge suppressor and lightning arrestor. The surge suppressor will protect your home up to 3200 joules.

Our units are designed to save you money!

Plus make your appliances last longer!

Most people see 18 to 22% savings with this unit in an average size home.

We guarantee you a minimum of 10% savings!

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(Manufactured sense 1986)

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